We Regret to Inform You

In February of 2014 I created a composite of several dozen grant, fellowship, and residency rejection noticed received between 2010-2014. Interested in the final document and the banal narrative of all artists receiving such notices as an ongoing part of their work, I then asked nine friends and family members, all practicing artists and writers, to record this letter, having them read with a brief pause between each word (for editing purposes). The audio files were then used to create a series of cut-up poems and texts derived from the language found within the rejection notice document.

Becca Baldwin
Bea Camacho
Lourdes Correa-Carlo
Sonya Derman
Leigh Gallagher
Nathan Heiges
Hanna Pylväinen
Paul Rusconi
Nick Vida

We Regret to Inform You, 2014-2015
Duration: 00:15:24 minutes
Created in GarageBand, mastered in Logic